Announced the world’s rarest animal

A small snake that lives hidden on an island in the Caribbean has just been recognized as the rarest animal in the world. There are only 18 snakes of this species left on Earth.

Described as gentle and easy to catch, the surviving snakes live on an island half a square mile off the coast of St. Petersburg.

The speckled brown snake is called the St. Spider-Snake. Lucia, once more abundant in St. Lucia Lucia was later largely destroyed when the mongoose appeared in the late 19th century. The carnivorous mongoose was brought from India to the island to control the poisonous snakes, but they destroyed even the snakes. poison. In 1936, the snake St. Lucia is declared extinct.

But in 1973, a St. Lucia was found in the Maria Islands Reserve, a small island south of St. Lucia. Lucia and is home to no mongoose.

In late 2011, researchers meticulously searched for St. snakes. Lucia on the small island. As a result, they found 18 still alive on the island.

“It’s a relief to know that this snake is not extinct yet,” said Matthew Morton, director of the Durrell wildlife conservation program.

Show St. Lucia has contacted animal conservation organizations around the world to seek a living opportunity for this snake.

Source: khoahoc

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