Do you believe this is a real photo of a galaxy?

Over the past decades, countless photographs of galaxies have been edited. Thankfully, thanks to increasingly modern imaging technology, real pictures can be kept and viewed.

Thanks to telescopes such as the Hubble and many others, we have been able to see amazing images of distant objects and structures in the universe. And images like that every year become more quality thanks to the continuous advancement of science and technology.

However, the latest image that may surprise you is taken from a telescope used to observe the sky in a space survey project. Now, it has completed that primary mission and continues to serve humans for observable targets.

The DECam video-recording telescope, short for “Dark Energy Camera”, has surveyed a large area of ​​space for about six years. After the mission was over, it was still capable of doing well, so researchers used it to observe the Southern Wreath Galaxy. And let the results of the work demonstrate this telescope’s amazing capabilities.

The Southern Garland Galaxy, also known as Messier 83, lies about 15 million light-years from Earth. This is a fairly large distance, but DECam is designed to uncover the mysteries of the universe, so it captures these very beautiful moments.

DECam was built by the US Department of Energy and mounted on a 4-meter-high telescope called Víctor M. Blanco, located in Chile. It is a state-of-the-art device, using 74 ultra-high sensitivity (CCD) charging combination devices to take pictures. CCDs are also the same devices used to take pictures, built into our cell phones.

Of course, DECam’s CCD is much larger and is specifically designed to capture extremely weak red light emitted by distant galaxies. This is a remarkable strength of DECam so that it can perform the basic task of the initial dark energy survey.

DECam’s 74 sensors have captured an incredible, unbelievable image of the galaxy Messier 83. The beautiful spiral branches together with the glowing core of the galaxy were clearly visible. Despite completing its initial mission of surveying dark energy, DECam continues to be an extremely valuable source of information on space.

The images provided by this telescope not only give a great sense of sight, but are also helpful for researchers to better understand the universe.

Scientists are still continuing to decode the information that DECam has gathered. While waiting for those interesting results, we are also enjoying a beautiful picture of the distant and mysterious universe.

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