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Father of AI programming language: How can humans speak to aliens?

This is the answer coming from one of the smartest brains on Earth.

The aliens in Marvel movies all speak English, which is weird. When a child realizes it, it means they are mature. Arrival (2016) is probably a rare film that gives us a true perspective of the situation of encountering intelligent extraterrestrial beings.

Language disagreement is inevitable. Of course, even humans also have hundreds of languages, why creatures from another distant planet in the universe have to speak the human language on Earth.

But what can we do to communicate with aliens, with other intelligent minds if “they” are real? Stephen Wolfram, one of the smartest people on Earth, will answer that question for you.

He is an American scientist who wrote the Wolfram language used in the Mathematica programming tool, which is helping us humans communicate with artificial intelligence through math.

In his eyes, Wolfram saw entities with potential intelligence in the universe. He said they even exist right around us on Earth, only you do not realize or not recognize them.

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