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“Ghost ship” carrying 800 people appeared intact after 450 years

The 16th century warship Mars suddenly appeared before scientists during a survey in the Baltic Sea, an area near the British coast.

Speaking to National Georaphic, researcher Richard Lundren from Ocean Discovery (UK) said the ship has long been a legend that most babies in the area have ever heard of. Lots of people have been searching for it for 450 years but can’t find it. It was a giant warship of the king of Sweden, sunk in the first battle and carrying 800 warriors resting on the seabed, and a huge treasure of war.

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The most shocking thing is that the wreckage was barely damaged but the traces left by the war. Dr. Johan Ronnby from Soderton University (Sweden), co-author, said every detail of the decoration on the The gun to the emblem mounted on the ship was preserved as new.

Early excavations uncovered some 220,000 silver coins, and revealed some of the remains of humans as well.

According to the authors, history recorded as many as 800 soldiers sunk with the ship. If they go deep inside and survey the surrounding area, they believe that countless human remains will be found, possibly in a fairly intact state.

The reason for this eternal existence comes from the Baltic Sea: it is extremely cold, causing the ship to sink and all the people on it to freeze, sink very deeply and be kept intact by the cold. In addition, some studies show that the chemical composition of this sea helps the hydrolysis of artifacts dragged slowly as possible. There have been so many incredibly intact ghost ships unearthed in the Baltic Sea.

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