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How long is exercise enough after a long day of inactivity?

We all know that sitting for hours is not good for the body. So how long is exercise enough to limit the negative health effects after a long day “tied” to your desk?

A recent study suggests that you should spend about 30-40 minutes of exercise a day. Accordingly, 40 minutes of “moderate to high intensity physical activity” per day is an appropriate amount of time to balance for 10 hours of sitting almost continuously. Any amount of movement or even just getting up and sitting down can help to some extent.

Cycling can lower your risk of dying earlier. Doing some reasonable intensity activities like cycling can lower your risk of dying sooner.

This result is based on a meta-analysis of 9 previous studies, of a total of 44,370 people from 4 different countries. The trial used several types of sports wearables.

The analysis showed that the risk of death among sedentary people increased as the amount of time they spent in moderate to high intensity physical activity gradually decreased. “In active people who do 30-40 minutes of moderate to high intensity physical activity, the relationship between the amount of time spent sitting and the risk of death is not much different from those who are sedentary more than that, “said the study.

In other words, doing some reasonably intense activities like cycling, brisk walking, gardening … can reduce your risk of dying sooner.

Although meta-analyzes like these always require a lot of careful coordination in separate studies with volunteers, time scales and conditions vary, but part of the study benefits. This is based on relatively objective data obtained from wearables rather than self-reported data from experimental participants.

The study was carried out in conjunction with the release of the 2020 World Health Organization (WHO) Global Guide to Physical Activity and Sedentary Behavior, brought together by 40 scientists from all 6 continents. green. British Sports Medicine Press (BHSM) has published a special publication dedicated to both research and new guidelines.

WHO recommends 75-150 minutes of intense activity / week to compensate for the time of inactivity.

Physical activity and population health researcher Emmanuel Stamatakis from the University of Sydney, Australia said: “These guidelines are very timely, we are in the midst of a global pandemic, it holds back everything. stay indoors for long periods of time and increase inactivity People can still protect their health and compensate for the harmful effects of physical inactivity. all physical activity works and no matter how much it is, it’s better to do nothing. “

Health-monitoring wearable research is generally in agreement with new WHO guidelines, recommending 150-300 minutes of moderate physical activity or 75-150 minutes of intense physical activity. high each week to make up for the time that is restricted from exercise

Walking the stairs instead of taking the elevator, playing with kids and pets, yoga or dancing, doing housework, walking and cycling are all suggestions to help us become healthier. And if you can’t start with 30-40 minutes right away, it’s still possible to start at a lower level.

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