Make materials that are soft and elastic like human tissue

The pure polymer material developed by the American team based on 3D printing technology, has a nanostructure 1000 times smaller than conventional polymers.

The research group of Christopher Bates Assistant Professor of Materials at the University of California in Santa Barbara (USA) has developed 3D printed elastomers with soft and elastic mechanical properties similar to human tissue. The research results are published in the international journal Science Advance.

Conventional elastomers (rubber) are usually stiff due to the size and shape of the constituent polymers, which are long, linear molecules. What makes this material as soft and elastic as human tissue is not because it contains water and solvents, but the important factor is that it is a pure polymer material that has the advantage of easily maintaining the structure of molecules. physical elasticity like human tissue.

In terms of nanostructures, the material has additional polymer fibers, attached around the long polymer molecular axis, creating a soft elasticity for the material. In addition, the team uses 3D printing technology to layer the polymer material, so that the structure of the new material is 1,000 times smaller than that of rubber and conventional polymers.

Christopher Bates said the new material’s resilience could be used for biological simulation or integrated in electronic sensors, especially in developing implantable materials for medical applications.

Source: VNE

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