Mysterious blocks of metal have been discovered again in Turkey

A mysterious block of metal was discovered in Turkey last week. The government sent forces to guard and investigate the origin of this object.

Metal blocks were discovered in wheat fields and olive trees in rural Sanliurfa, a province in southeastern Turkey, according to the New York Times on February 8.

The object was about 3 meters tall, discovered by the owner of the field, according to local news agency DHA.

The field is located not far from Gobekli Tepe, an archaeological excavation site protected by UNESCO.

Before that, many parts of the world recorded the appearance of a series of mysterious metal blocks. Similar objects have appeared in the Utah desert, California state (USA), Canada, Romania …

Turkish police guarded a mysterious block of metal discovered in a field last week.

The newly discovered object in Turkey is accompanied by a message in the ancient language of the Turks, with the content meaning “looking at the sky, seeing the Moon”.

According to DHA, police have started investigating who placed the metal block on the field.

Curious people flock to Sanliurfa to see the metal block. Some even came from Edirne, nearly 1,500 kilometers from where the object was discovered.

The appearance of metal blocks has led to many speculations about their origins, from human products to supernatural forces.

Many groups admit to at least 2 previously discovered metal blocks, including one in California.

Source: Zing

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