Nian Beast – A scary obsession every coming of the Chinese New Year

And the Nian beast also started from one of Chinese folk legends.

In China, the Lunar New Year is one of the most important times of the year. At that time, family members reunited on New Year’s Eve to celebrate Tet.

This is an ancient tradition that existed at least 3,400 years ago and has an important place in the spiritual life of people. Specific customs in each place have different characteristics, for example, the interpretation of phenomena or folk legends also has its own characteristics.

Legend of Nian

According to the anecdotes preserved to this day, Nian (meaning “year” or “new year”) is on the deep seabed or the highest mountain peak, they are described as large, The body of a bull, the head of a lion, the appearance was terrifying. Not only that, Nian also possesses a giant jaw, wide enough to swallow countless people at once.

That fierce appearance, Nian’s personality is even more terrible than that. It is said that at the end of winter when there is nothing to eat, they will step ashore from the deep sea floor or descend from the high mountain on the first days of the new year to eat livestock, crops, and even villagers, especially children.

It also means that from New Year’s Eve, all residents will have to live in Nian’s fear and disturbance until the end of winter.

Naturally, early human suffering is so great that no night goes by without an unlucky family mourning for a loved one who was harmed by Nian.

Therefore, every year when New Year’s Eve comes, family members cannot celebrate Tet, but are always afraid. They even had to pre-order food in front of the house every New Year with the belief that Nian would eat them and not touch them.

However, the loss of both life and property has not decreased much. In the extreme, the whole village had to pull each other up the mountain, but no one dared to stay in the house because of fear of the monster’s head crawling.

The story is still repeated every New Year until a strange old man appears from afar. The old man with silver hair and ragged clothes appeared the same night the beast was about to attack the residential area.

People in the village fled to high mountains to preserve their lives. Everyone is in a hurry and hurry. The old man tried to ask what was going on, but no one was calm enough to answer and just ran away quickly.

Before that situation, a kind old lady could not let him stay and died unjustly, so she told him everything and advised him to escape to the mountain with everyone.

Contrary to the urgency of that lady, the old man replied with a warm smile and said please rest assured, he will have a way of chasing that giant beast and then please stay home for one night. Of course, no one believed the words of the somewhat eccentric stranger, even the old lady had to follow everyone up the mountain.

At night, Nian rushed into the village but he immediately noticed something very different. The monster looked around and spotted the red paper on the woman’s door. The house was lit up by candles. Nian’s fear of destructive nature, it still rushes towards the house … Suddenly, the old man appeared in a red suit, laughing loudly in the roaring sound of firecrackers in front of the door. Nien Monster was so scared, the cross section had no blood left, and rushed down and ran.

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