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Revealing new clues about the UFO incident at Roswell in 1947

The secret diary of an American intelligence officer recently revealed has rekindled research on the Roswell incident that took place more than 70 years ago.

When a mysterious object fell in the desert near the army airfield in Roswell (RAAF) in July 1947, Major Jesse Marcel, an RAAF intelligence officer, was sent to oversee the collection of the fragments. broken.

Major Jesse Marcel, an intelligence officer at the Roswell military airport, investigated and recovered some debris from the Roswell UFO area in 1947.

Until recently, a military official revealed that RAAF officers had found a weather balloon, not a flying saucer.

First released photos show Marcel posing with pieces of what looks like a weather balloon. But in the decades since then, many have speculated about the military’s initial “flying saucer” report and wondered if the wreckage was unusual.

Marcel’s family revealed that he kept a diary from that period that could contain clues about the Roswell incident, sparking a new investigation.

“The government claims they found a UFO and they have a press release about it,” said Ben Smith, a former CIA operative and the program’s lead investigator.

With this new information, authorities will re-investigate the incident site in Roswell, combine surveys and aerial mapping, and use research imagery to detect, Smith said. Micro-concave points in the ground could indicate where debris landed.

But the central element of the new investigation is a diary that needs to be clarified, believed to have been kept by Marcel during the Roswell accident, now in the possession of his grandchildren.

Before that, decades after the Roswell incident, Marcel believed that the object that fell in the New Mexico desert originated from outside the Earth.

Currently, researchers are expecting analysis of the diary and its puzzling language translation to reveal new messages.

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