Self-propelled underwater device to check hydroelectric dams and boats

Marseille-based startup Notilo-Plus has designed self-propelled devices that collect data in water.

The Electricity of France (EDF) has proposed taking December 1-12 to organize an event called “Electric Days”. December 1 of this year is the meeting point for EDF to introduce digital inventions with the theme “energy changes everything”.

This is an opportunity for the public and EDF partners to explore future energy solutions.

According to the website Futura (France), “Electric Days” this year, the Notilo Plus startup in Marseille has introduced the invention of a self-propelled underwater device Seasam.

Two years ago, Notilo Plus once promoted a self-propelled underwater device called the iBubble. This is the first wireless autonomous device in the world to operate fully automatically in water environment.

IBubble equipment can help photographers or environmental activists capture high quality underwater images for better understanding and protection of the sea.

After that, Notilo Plus continued to improve and release the next generation of self-propelled underwater equipment named Seasam for professional activities.

Seasam has a custom function using artificial intelligence and a variety of image analysis tools.

Seasam is primarily intended for small and medium businesses that want to protect professional divers or want to collect quality underwater data.

The EDF is interested in this invention to inspect hydroelectric dams and to monitor the safety of aquatic infrastructure.

So is the French shipping company CMA CGM. CMA CGM can exploit Seasam to check the hull and then prepare a maintenance plan.

In addition, the company Notilo Plus also develops a drone specialized in fish behavior research for the French Marine Research Institute (IFREMER).

After the function of collecting data which is very complicated under water, Notilo Plus continues to research on equipment specializing in analyzing underwater data.

Notilo Cloud device is an artificial intelligence platform that collects and synthesizes underwater data to produce automatic reports.

The report can provide sensitive or corrosion points on the hull of a vessel, showing how much fuel is left and CO2 emissions.

In the near future, the vessel appraisal agencies are likely to use more autonomous underwater devices during their tests and may also use them to check remotely over the Internet.

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