Health benefits of sleep without pillows

Sleeping without a pillow will help you lie in the correct position, thereby preventing neck, back, head pain and avoiding prolonged stress.

Preventing back pain: Sleeping with a pillow makes lying posture unnatural. Although the pillow itself does not cause back pain, it can aggravate the condition. So if you are suffering from back pain then it is best not to use a pillow while sleeping. Because the habit of not using pillows will help your spine rest.

Prevention of neck pain: Most pillows prevent you from sleeping properly. Sleeping with pillows for long periods of time can also cause discomfort and neck pain. Therefore, you should avoid the hospital using pillows when going to bed to limit neck pain.

Fight headaches: If you wake up with a headache, your pillow is probably the cause. The knees that are too high will push your head and neck forward. This condition will cause neck strain and headaches in the morning after waking up.

Stress reduction: Sleeping with an uncomfortable pillow will make you toss and turn continuously while you sleep. Over time, this condition gets worse and makes you more prone to sleep disturbances. When you lack sleep, your mood will be affected, your body will also release more stress hormones.

Prevent acne: When you sleep, your face will often be pressed against the pillow. On the other hand, you cannot wash pillowcases on a daily basis. This is the reason why your pillow accumulates a lot of dirt, causing skin inflammation, acne breakouts and premature wrinkles.

Good for hair: Sleeping with a pillow will keep your hair rubbing constantly at night. This causes hair to become dry, tangled and more prone to breakage. This happens when the pillowcase absorbs oil from the hair, causing the hair to lose its nutrients and become weaker. Therefore, sleeping without a pillow is better for your hair.

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