Smart dustbin powered by solar energy

The new model can hold 7 times the capacity of a traditional one by pressing and compressing the trash several times a day, reducing the number of times it has to empty.

North Devon County Council, Devon County, applied to the government for £ 25,000 funding for the smart trash project, BBC reported on 4/2. The project is part of a chain of new waste treatment measures in this district.

The smart trash can hold up to 7 times more trash than a conventional bin because it is compressed and pressed several times per day. The solar bin receives and stores solar energy, so it operates even in the absence of direct sunlight. They are also sealed to prevent birds and small animals from entering. Residents can open the trash can with foot pedal or handle.

Solar trash cans can be installed in the countryside to keep the place from “flooding” in the trash, according to North Devon County Council. The barrels will send an electronic signal when they are almost full. With a large capacity, the number of times to empty the trash is also less. As a result, the government can save resources for urban waste disposal, where the problem of waste is more severe.

“Smart trash cans offer many benefits, such as reducing carbon emissions. The reason is that they don’t need to be dumped as often, helping to reduce the number of trips collected per day. Their benefits are obvious, reducing the number of trucks they collect each day. waste is thrown away indiscriminately, saving collection time and costs, preventing small animals from entering, especially using renewable energy – solar energy “, Netti Pearson, North District Council member Devon, said.

Source: VnExpress

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