Smiles make you more trustworthy?

Genuine smiles, using facial muscles, specifically orbicularis oculi (the muscle responsible for blinking the eyes) and zygomatic (the muscles of the mouth) are considered more reliable than grin (also known as a fake smile).

What is a smile? It was a facial expression as the corner of his mouth lifted and gently revealed the front teeth. It serves as an important communication tool, tending to convey positive, happy emotions. Therefore, perhaps no one does not like to see a soft, sweet and graceful smile.

The relationship between smile and trust

Prehistoric humans lived in groups, and the stronger the group (or tribe), the higher the chance of survival. The simple way to strengthen and strengthen the group is to increase the trust among members, so that each person perfectly fulfills his or her role. Smiling is what builds trust. It will let team members know that one person will not intend to harm other individuals. In modern times, in relationships with friends and relatives, laughing a lot will be trusted rather than not smiling.

A recent study also found that even gender can affect the relationship between trust and smile. Accordingly, women who laugh a lot will seem more trustworthy than men who do the same.

However, it is worth noting that you cannot become more trustworthy by simply smiling more. In fact, many people assume that if someone laughs too much, it becomes scary. The reason why is because the way you laugh is also important. This action must appear genuine, not artificial to gain other people’s beliefs.

A genuine smile, an honest smile, or a real smile is a naturally occurring smile. Such smiles are characterized by the use of facial muscles, namely orbicularis oculi (the muscle responsible for the blink of an eye) and zygomatic (the muscles that lift the corners of the mouth).

Simply put, genuine smiles and creating trust happen instinctively, not intentionally. When someone smiles like that, we respond kindly back with a smile.

Contrary to a genuine smile is a social smile. This is something many people use in social encounters. When we meet someone we don’t like or meet our ex when we want to forget the past, we smile because it is polite, not because of happiness. Smiles like that are full of force and it’s unnatural.

The reliability of a smile

As mentioned, the way we laugh is crucial to gaining the trust of others. However, the rest of one’s body language is just as important as getting this.

Research has shown that if your eyes are red and show anger when you smile, you appear less trustworthy. Even if body language does not indicate friendly when smiling, it is not reliable. A typical example might be the clown character in the movie ‘IT’. Even though this character is always smiling from the beginning to the end of the movie, he has never been a reliable person.

On the contrary, if you smile with friendly eyes and a cheerful face, you will become much more trustworthy. Many people always feel friendly and close when interacting with others. This is due to their pleasant faces and friendly smiles.

This way, being able to see that smiling can make you look more trustworthy and friendly. However, the way you smile is also important. The happier a person’s expression is, the more trustworthy the person appears, giving him a warm and friendly feeling.

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