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Stanford develops a toilet that can check waste to diagnose disease

Examination of stool and urine has always been a great way for doctors to make predictions about the health situation because they provide a lot of information about what’s going on inside the body.

To help make the earliest possible diagnosis, a team of experts from Stanford University (USA) decided to launch a smart toilet capable of scanning urine and feces samples for detection. signs of illness.

With this feature, data will soon be sent to health professionals so they can better understand how bacteria survive in the human gut. At the same time, this feature can provide evidence of new threats posing a threat to public health, including Covid-19.

It is known that the new technology can be easily applied because it is simply a device that is added to the regular toilet that we are using. The operation for this system is the camera and computer algorithms that record and evaluate the physical characteristics of the waste.

According to the experts, their algorithm can analyze also the urokinetics taken from urine samples. In addition, other biomarkers from fecal or urine samples may also be collected. For example, the feature measures the number of white blood cells, the level of protein at what level, which can make predictions about diseases such as kidney failure, infection or even bladder cancer.

It is known that scientists have been developing this system for a long time. They hope that in the future when the technology is more widely applied, the collected data will be immediately transferred to doctors and from there, doctors can give early and best advice to patients.

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