Stephen Hawking said: “Before the Big Bang, time did not exist”

Stephen Hawking and the American physicist James Hartle came up with this theory.

Two weeks before his death, physicist Stephen Hawking submitted his final research on parallel universes. He also predicted the end of the present universe.

The work of Hawking and co-author Thomas Hertog is published in the Journal of High Energy Physics with the title “The End of the theory of the eternal expansion universe”.

Received countless awards for scientific research, but Hawking never won a Nobel because no one could prove his theories (Photo: Space).

According to Hertog, Hawking completed his research in a hospital bed, creating a legacy that was worthy of winning a Nobel Prize. However, Hertog’s wish never came true because Nobel did not award the prize to the deceased.

“He is often nominated for a Nobel Prize and should have been awarded. Now he can never accept the award again, ”said Hertog.

Before Big Bang, there was no concept of time

Their research is based on string theory and “No Boundary” theory, which was published by Stephen Hawking and the American physicist James Hartle in 1993.

This theory suggests that before the Big Bang, time did not exist. After the big bang, the early universe would expand exponentially, a period known as “inflation”.

This theory has resulted in many other regions still expanding and never reaching the end of inflation. This has led to a state of “eternal inflation”, new universes appearing continuously in other universes, creating innumerable universes.

Accordingly, the universe we live in is only part of the multiverse whose inflation has ended, and there are still new universes being developed continuously in other regions.

However, this model cannot be verified because the infinite number of universes cannot be measured. Hertog said Hawking was not satisfied with this and told him: “try tame the multiverse”.

Therefore, the duo sought to turn the concept of the multiverse into a model that could be tested. In the new study, Hawking and Hertog use the technique of “hologram”, reducing the three-dimensional space to two dimensions, making the calculation easier.

From there, they realized that there is a possibility that there exists a multiverse but with a certain number, not infinite. Using Hawking’s argument, the multiverse leaves its mark on the background radiation that penetrates the universe in which we live.

By spacecraft with suitable sensors, scientists can completely measure the background radiation and verify the existence of parallel universes.

Many scientists believe that Hawking’s work is the breakthrough that the space industry needs. Whether or not it is possible to turn the idea of ​​testing multiple universes by measuring background radiation into reality is a big question. Thomas Hertog himself admits current technology is not sensitive enough to do this.

“Humankind, save yourself”
There are many objections, claiming that Hawking and Hertog’s arguments are based on unproven and incomplete theories.

“What they do is use a” toy “model that is still not fully developed and coherent enough. They themselves admit that there is still more work to be done, ”said Katie Mack, a cosmologist at the University of North Carolina.

Perhaps the most controversial aspect of Hawking’s work is the prediction of how this universe will end. He said that our universe will eventually go into darkness, when the stars run out of energy and the end of the world will come to humanity.

This hypothesis is not accepted by some cosmologists, as well as received many mixed reviews from experts.

Well-known physicists also frequently predict that Earth will end. In June 2017, at the Starmus Festival – an international meeting honoring astronomy, space exploration, music, art and allied sciences such as biology and chemistry – Hawking stated that humans Find a way to get away from this planet before it’s too late.

He said that the Earth will sooner or later become an unsuitable place for life due to the effects of climate change, epidemics, and overpopulation. The new generation needs to find another place to live in space.

“We are running out of space to live. The only way we can do it is to find other worlds. Time to explore other Solar Systems. Reaching out into space is the only thing that saves us from ourselves, “Hawking said.

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