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The 300-year-old ghost ship appears where every living thing goes to die

After 300 years, the ghost ship still retains extremely sophisticated decorative details because the waters it resides is a world of death, completely free of marine life.

At a depth of 300 meters below the Black Sea, the so-called “dead zone”, the ghost ship was so perfectly preserved that archaeologists were able to identify the Islamic patterned texture on the hull and structure. argued that it belonged to the Ottoman Empire 300 years ago.

The ship was discovered through the MAP project, with the participation of many marine archeologists from European and American engraving. Speaking on Sky History, the MAP team “Mystery of the Black Sea” said the ghost ship was located in what is known as a “dead zone”, a body of water completely oxygen free! This means that there aren’t any viable organisms here, which is one of the reasons the ship is undamaged, combined with the lack of oxidation and the natural storage conditions contained in the ship. the chemical composition of seawater here.

Research has just begun. The team revealed that they had found beautiful wooden parapets around the deck, many intact sailing ropes, and many other fascinating artifacts.

This is also a mysterious sea, never been explored by humans, so archeology promises to bring many interesting things. It is not clear the cause of the shipwreck as well as whether there are human remains inside the ship.

According to Dr. Vello Mass, a researcher from the MAP team, speaking on CBS News, there are still a lot of ghost ships waiting on the seabed in Europe, especially the Black Sea and Baltic Sea, where but ghost ships are often kept in excellent condition over the centuries.

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