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The CIA suspects China is editing genes to create super warriors like Captain America

US intelligence agencies did not immediately respond to requests for comment on whether China was looking for super warriors like those in “Captain America”.

US intelligence reports show that China has conducted “body tests” of its soldiers in the hope of developing soldiers with “bio-enhancement”.

The Age of Superhumans – Gene Editing Through CRISPR & AI

Director of US National Intelligence John Ratcliffe on December 4 gave the above shocking information in an analysis published in the Wall Street Journal. In this analysis, he asserted that China is a national security danger to the United States. “There are no moral boundaries in Beijing’s pursuit of power,” Ratcliffe said.

His offices and the CIA did not immediately respond to requests for further explanation of the notion that China is seeking to create “super warriors” as described in Hollywood movies such as “Captain. America “,” Bloodshot “and” Universal Soldier “.

Last year, two American scholars wrote an article assessing China’s ambitions to apply biotechnology to the battlefield, including signs that China is interested in using editing technology. genes to improve human performance – and possibly soldiers.

In particular, scholars point out that Chinese researchers are using CRISPR gene editing technology. However, Western scientists believe that editing genes to increase the capacity of healthy people is against the principle.

Ms. Elsa Kania and Mr. Wilson VornDick quoted the 2015 post in a Chinese military magazine assessing: “Chinese military scientists and strategists have emphasized that biotechnology can become a high level. New strategy of military revolution in the future “.

According to these two scholars, in 2017, a Chinese Army General once emphasized that: “Modern biotechnology, information, nanotechnology and experience will affect weapons, space, and combat formula and military doctrine “.

In addition, Mr. VornDick warned: “When we experiment with genetically modified organisms there can be unpredictable consequences.”

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