The first solar road in America

The new road is fitted with ultra-durable solar cells that allow vehicles to pass through and generate more than 1,300 kWh of electricity a year.

Peachtree Corners, Georgia, unveiled a new solar path that could power electric vehicle charging stations, Cnet reported on December 7. The solar road is a solar cell line, strong enough for vehicles to pass through, and at the same time it can catch the sunlight and convert it into electricity.

Solar Roads: Can Streets Become Giant Solar Panels? 

Road solar panels in Peachtree Corners are supplied by French company Wattway. The company is also testing a number of solar lines around the world. Wattway collaborated with the city government of Peachtree Corners to put the first solar road into operation in the US.

Once the latest and most durable Wattway panels are installed, this street will begin to generate electricity and power the city’s electric vehicle charging stations. It can generate more than 1,300 kWh of electricity annually. The charging station is also equipped with an energy storage system for night-charging vehicles.

The solar track is part of the automatic vehicle test lane on Technology Parkway. Therefore, there will not be too much traffic passing through the panels. If the road is efficient, the authorities will install more panels on the pedestrian, bicycle, and other areas.

Peachtree Corners’ goal is to increase the use of renewable energy for infrastructure. Then, in addition to the electric vehicle charging station, the solar street can provide electricity to street lights or become a backup when the city loses power from the grid.

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