The obvious but not everyone knows about Christmas

Christmas is held in many countries around the world with many interesting, even surprising things.

According to calculations by American scientists, Santa Claus will have to go to 822 houses in 1 second to give gifts to children on Christmas Eve. That means Santa’s reindeer carriage will have to travel at 650 miles per second.

The tradition of placing tangerines in socks as Christmas gifts dates back to 12th-century French nuns leaving socks filled with fruit and nuts and making decisions at the homes of the poor.

Statistics show that about 60 million pine trees are planted for Christmas in Europe.

The world’s greatest Christmas tree, over 67 meters tall, was located at a shopping mall in Washington in 1950.

Every Christmas, people, especially children in many countries around the world are extremely excited to create snowman. Accordingly, in 1999 people in the state of Maine, USA created the world’s largest snowman with a height of nearly 35m.

People often hang or place gifts on the trunk or tree stump during Christmas. Some countries think that by doing this, the recipient will get a lot of luck.

Santa is called by different names. In Germany, for example, Santa Claus is called Kriss Kringle, in Italy Le Befana, in France it is Pere Noel and Deushka Moroz in Russia.

For the Christmas trees to be as brilliant as they are today, thanks to genius inventor Edward Johnson, he invented colored Christmas lights.

The 3 traditional colors of Christmas are green, red and gold. Each color has its own special meaning. Specifically, the green color represents Christmas trees and represents life and rebirth. The red color represents the blood of Jesus. Meanwhile, the golden color represents the bright spiritual light that Jesus brings in his birth and resurrection.

The Germans created the first artificial Christmas tree out of dyed goose feathers.

Christmas cards

In America alone, more than 3 billion Christmas cards are sent each year.

“The Twelve Days of Christmas” is a popular Christmas song that lists the series of gifts given each day twelve days after Christmas. The song was released in England in 1780, and is believed to have French origins. In total, there are 364 gifts included in this song.

According to data analyzed from Facebook posts, two weeks before Christmas is one of the two most common times couples decide to break up. However, Christmas is the least popular day to do this.

Contrary to the myth of many people, the suicide rate on the Christmas holiday is very low. This rate is highest in the spring.

Christmas trees began to be sold in the US in 1850.
Christmas trees are usually planted 15 years before being sold.
Many European countries believe that souls, good and evil, will return 12 days after Christmas. After that, they will become the goblins of Santa Claus.
In 1836, Alabama was the first US state to officially recognize Christmas holidays.
Christmas was not recognized as an official holiday in the US until June 26, 1870.
In 1907, Oklahoma was the last state in America to recognize Christmas as a legal holiday.

Bolivians celebrate Misa del Gallo or “Mass of the rooster” on Christmas Eve. Some bring the rooster to midnight mass, a gesture that symbolizes the belief that the rooster was the first animal to announce the birth of Jesus.

Brits will wear paper crowns when enjoying their Christmas dinner. These crowns will be stored in a tube called “Christmas cracker”.

Each year around 20,000 Santa Claus is hired across the United States. These Santa Claus are seasonally trained to maintain a cheerful attitude in the face of public pressure. Their work also has its own rules such as absolutely not accepting money from parents while children are watching, or not eating onions, garlic and beans at lunch.

One of the things you don’t know about Christmas is that Martin Luther was the first person to decorate a Christmas tree. This is one of the things that not everyone knows. There are many versions of the first man to decorate the Christmas tree, but the most reliable and accurate story is about Martin Luther, the founder of Protestantism, who first decorated the Christmas tree. .

The song “Jingle Bells” is a Christmas song that most people know and mention about Christmas even though children who don’t know foreign music know this song. But not everyone knows that the song “Jingle bells” originally called “One Horse Open Sleigh” was the school anniversary song. Gradually both the title and lyrics were changed and became the most popular and typical song every Christmas.

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