The Swedish sky suddenly turned a strange purple

Residents of two small towns on the southern coast of Sweden experience a strange phenomenon when the sky turns purple.

People in the two towns of Gislov and Trelleborg in Sweden at first were very shocked when the sky suddenly turned purple.

Residents in both Gislov and Trelleborg complained about the bright purple lights that hit people’s homes at night, making them difficult to sleep.

The photos of purple sky started to go viral on social networks and received a lot of positive feedback from netizens.

It is known that the night sky turning purple is not a natural phenomenon, it is due to the new energy-saving lighting system of a new tomato farm.

Installing a large Led light that shines a purple light on plants stimulates growth but also glows up high, illuminates low clouds, and creates a sci-fi effect. Purple is said to be good for plants and the new system helps tomatoes to grow.

Alfred Pedersen & Son is one of the largest tomato plants in Sweden. They explained that: “The first step, we chose to turn off all the lights for tomato cultivation at night. Even though this would be a step backward for us, people didn’t mean to be angry. We will save electricity and develop more “.

However, a Swedish shop recently reported that purple light seemed to upset the bird’s life in the area. They do not distinguish day and night time and fly around the area for many hours.

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