Amazing Tree fan rotates in the direction of the user automatically without internet

Following Fan weighs 9.5kg, equipped with a camera to track the user’s movement and turn to the right direction.

Software engineers Nate Oelke and Aj Sakher in Minnesota, USA, created Following Fan which can follow users as they move. Although it looks like a steel tree fan, an ordinary aluminum blade, Following Fan actually attached a camera between the fan cage.

Computer vision algorithm running on an integrated microprocessor will analyze the video from this camera, detecting the position of the people in the video. The system selects the person closest to the camera, controlling the fan to rotate left or right when the person moves.

Users can also set Following Fan in Static mode or Traditional Spin mode with three different wind speeds. With Follow-Up mode, the fan will automatically stop running when the target leaves the room, helping to save energy. It will continue to work when the person comes back.

Following Fan works completely without the Internet so the user’s image will not be uploaded or stored on the network. The fan weighs 9.5kg, has a blade diameter of 50.8cm and can rotate 135 degrees.

“When we were preparing to apply for a patent, we first tested it on the market and found that there are no compact human-tracking fans using a camera. Before there were also people who made tracking fans, but often use simple infrared sensors to detect body temperature, have low reliability, are limited in scope and the end product is not practical, “Oelke said.

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