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The truth about the mysterious rumors revolving around the most lonely house in the world in Iceland

On a pristine island in the Vestmannaejar archipelago off Iceland, for many years there has been a white house on a green hillside. With the scene identical to the classic detective film, rumors were constantly being woven about this mysterious little house.

Lying in the middle of the lush green grass, listening to the waves day and night in the Atlantic, this house is known as the end of the Earth. It is located on the Elliðaey island of Vestmannaejar archipelago, Iceland and for a long time a lot of articles have questioned the island’s inhabitants.

Indeed, if anyone who has never heard of the story has seen this lonely house photo, a series of questions arise: Who can live there? Activities like? Where to get food? Is it depressing to live alone in this wilderness without people? …

One of the most popular rumors concerns the Icelandic pop star of the early 2000s – singer Bjork. According to The Independent, the singer has used her influence to ask the government for permission to build a studio house on the island of Elliðaey – where she can relax in peace after busy shows.

However, this assumption is wrong. According to Australian news.com.au, Bjork did indeed ask for an island, but she quickly pulled the offer back because of criticism from the local press. Ironically, the island that Bjork wants to reside in is also called Elliðaey, but it’s just the same name.

Even so, other rumors continued to emerge as thousands of waves crashed into the island of Elliðaey. Apparently, apart from the small white house, the island does not have any other residents. If not an entertainment star who wants to stay away from the city, what possible people would want to set foot here?

Netizens even said that the house belonged to a bizarre billionaire, built a house to shelter in the day … apocalypse! Some say that the house was built according to the faith of a mystical sect. Those who are less dreamy affirm that the image of Elliðaey Island is just a photoshop product, but there is no house at all.

The mysteries surrounding the house on Elliðaey island appeared long ago, spread rapidly throughout the 2000s and were only completely decoded in 2015 by news.com.au. However, few people know that the truth about this “lonely house” is completely not as people imagine.

According to many people on the land closest to the island, Elliðaey used to have several families living for a hundred years since the 18th century, but abandoned in the 1930s.

In the old days, the inhabitants of the island could be said to be very brave because they had to deal with harsh nature and extreme loneliness. They rely entirely on fishing and hunting gulls for food.

By the 1930s, the only five people on the island decided they could no longer hold on. Life on the island is truly free, but if they go to the mainland, they will have a wider future. So the lousy houses on the island of Elliðaey were left, and soon completely destroyed by nature.

So where did the small but solid white house on Elliðaey come from? It was actually built around the 1950s, 20 years after the island was abandoned, by the Elliðaey Hunting Association. Although the living conditions on the island are very difficult for humans, this is a paradise for ancient seagulls, so it is also an ideal spot for hunting.

To make hunting trips easier, people built 1 and only 1 small white house. It seems smooth but in fact, there is always a lack of electricity, water … just a roof covering the most basic needs only. However, the special thing is that this house is fitted with a hot tub with a filter system from rain water; because soaking in the bath is the best reward for a long day out.

On the other hand, the neighboring island of Elliðaey is home to a large concentration of ancient seagulls, which also provide storm shelter for many other seabirds. So, Iceland has officially recognized the whole island as a nature reserve protected by the government. Many tour operators also regularly open tours to explore the island of Elliðaey and go back in the day. But most of the time, when there are no tourists or hunters, the island is completely lonely, quiet without a shadow. That is also one of the most unique things people have

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