The truth about the transparent egg with the orange yolks surprised the online community

The transparent egg appeared on a social networking forum, making the online community flutter because it was too strange, but everyone was amazed when they knew the truth.

Recently, on many social networking sites, suddenly spreading an image of an egg after being boiled and removed, it showed a transparent white image showing the eye-catching orange yolk. Many people marvel at this interesting phenomenon.

Many people wonder whether this egg has been modified or influenced by external agents that have such color? Because usually eggs are only white whites and yellow yolks, sometimes only pale orange.

After finding out, the online community had a “dumb”. It turns out that this is a penguin’s egg. Eggs are round in shape and 2 or 3 times larger than normal eggs. Although boiled for 10-15 minutes, the egg white of the bird’s eggs is still as clear as jelly, while the yolk is orange in color, looking like a crystal ball. “The penguin egg has a slightly fishy taste but fishy in a very delicious and attractive way” – according to a netizen commented.

In the 1950s, penguin eggs were considered a popular dish in South Africa, Antarctica. The government even licensed private companies to extract penguin eggs from the islands off the coast. Residents can order up to 20 penguin eggs per year per family. However, later on when science gradually developed and researchers discovered that the number of penguins drastically decreased because people exploit food from them excessively.

South African residents have stopped exploiting penguin eggs since 1960. Likewise in the Falkland Islands, the exploitation of penguin eggs has been completely banned since August 1999. Those who break this law will be charged with a criminal offense. That is why the animal protection organizations strongly condemn the act of using penguin eggs to eat.

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