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US invented a blood test to detect 50 types of cancer

A new achievement in a blood test of breakthrough significance that can detect more than 50 types of cancer will be tested by 2021.

Test Galleri, dubbed the “Holy Grail of Cancer”, will be tested on 165,000 patients. If the test is successful, it will be available to more than a million people over the next 5 years.

Scientists believe this test can save thousands of lives each year, as it detects cancer before symptoms appear. Testing detects the disease by looking for the DNA secreted by the tumor in the patient’s blood.

Simon Stevens, executive director of the National Health Service Agency (NHS), called the discovery “a turning point”. According to him, this test will be especially effective for cancers that are difficult to diagnose.

The test looks for chemical changes called methylation in extracellular DNA that may promote tumor growth. When cancer is found, tests can determine exactly which part of the body the signal is coming from.

It is thought that the aforementioned test facilitates treatment to be started earlier, which greatly increases the chances of recovery.

A study this year with 1,200 patients showed that the test successfully determined which part of the body a tumor is located with up to 96% accuracy. What’s more, only 1% of human cancer tests give false results.

In 12 cases, including ovarian and lung cancer, the test did not detect the disease, of which most cases were in the early stage.

In the cases of pancreatic cancer that so far rarely detect the disease in the early stages, the above test has identified the disease in the earliest stage at the rate of 63%.

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