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Tips to cure burning tongue when eating hot food

Gargle with salt water, milk, sugar, honey or aloe juice are all effective ways to treat tongue burns when eating or drinking foods that are too hot.

Gargle salt water: When your tongue burns, all you need to do is rinse your mouth with a cool saline solution. This will help disinfect the tongue and reduce the burning.

Use milk: Milk has the ability to cover, help reduce pain sensation. When you burn, you need to dip your tongue in cold milk and wait a while until it feels comfortable.

Applying honey: Honey not only works to soothe the burning pain, but also has a very pleasant taste. Some studies also prove that honey helps in healing burns very well. What you need to do when you burn your tongue is to apply some honey and wait for it to work.

Use Peppermint Gum: The peppermint oil in gum will help activate the cold-sensitive areas for a pleasant sensation when you burn your tongue. But you should only place the candy on the burned area for a moderate time, avoiding too long it can backfire.

Apply aloe juice: Aloe vera is a plant that has a natural healing effect, often used to treat injuries caused by burns of level 1 and 2. Using aloe juice will reduce the healing time of burns. and feel more comfortable.

Use granulated sugar: Sugar can also be used to treat difficult to heal wounds such as tongue burns. When you do burn, just put a little sugar on your tongue. This will help relieve pain and discomfort.

Dip your tongue in yogurt: Yogurt or any other biological product contains bacteria that help fight infection when burned. To be effective, you should use cool yogurt, avoid using cold yogurt will backfire.

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