Western dishes for the Christmas season

Yule log, ginger biscuits, turkey … are indispensable dishes in winter’s busiest festival.

Depending on the culture and geography of each country, Christmas cuisine also has many differences. Here are the dishes commonly found in many countries.

Yule log Christmas cake

Coming from France, Yule log Christmas cake (Yule log / Buche de Noel) has long been one of the familiar and popular Christmas pastries in many parts of the world. With the basic ingredients of roll cake canvas and decorative cream, the cake is created and modified in many versions to suit your taste and taste.

There are many theories about the custom of eating Yule log during Christmas. Some people believe that, before Christmas Eve, Westerners often cut a large log to bring home, sprinkle with oil, salt, hot wine and pray to protect the house from natural disasters and demons. Later, this custom was replaced by Yule log but still retained the meaning of praying for peace and happiness.

Ginger biscuits

Crispy, fragrant crackers are an indispensable dish for Christmas. Initially ginger biscuits made from almonds, old bread crumbs, rose water, sugar and ginger. Later, many workers change by replacing crumbs with flour, adding eggs, rock sugar to lighten the cake texture.

Ginger biscuits are varied in shape. Some familiar patterns during the festival are snowman, laurel wreath, reindeer, house …

Roasted turkey

Referring to turkey, many people think of Easter. However, Christmas will also be less meaningful if there is no longer roasted turkey stuffed with spices and used with sauces, pudding … The fragrant, hot chicken is an attractive dish among cold December day.


Delicious dish made from beef is a popular food during the festival season. From restaurants, high-end hotels to average eateries, all serve beefsteak. In particular, the fine Australian beef beefsteak offers a great culinary experience during Christmas.


Cider cannot last as long as apple juice, but it retains a fresh, natural flavor.

Cider is a wine made from fermented apples, with very little to no alcohol content, so cider is very popular to participate in family parties with both adults and children like Christmas parties. born.

Apple cider has a similar way to apple juice, but does not remove all of the pulp, but still retains a portion of the apple flesh. Then let them ferment.

Cider, therefore, cannot last as long as apple juice, but in return retains its fresh, natural flavor. Cider also has a combination of different apple varieties to create the most balanced acidity – sweetness – spicy.

Candy cane

According to Westerners, candy sticks have a very special meaning. When the candy is turned upside down, the candy has a J shape, the first letter of the name of Jesus. The color of the candy also has its own meaning. The white candy color represents the appearance of the Virgin Mary, the innocent innocence of God.


Christmas party would not be delicious without the delicious, rich pudding. However, today’s pudding is not very similar to the old days. Around the 15th century, pudding was made from plum, wine, chopped veal, breadcrumbs, herbs, onions, dried fruits and spices.

But around the 16th century, vegetables and meat were gradually replaced. By the 19th century, its composition and taste were very close to today’s pudding. People also put in the cake a few beans or coins and believe that the person who ate this cake, will have good luck for the whole year.

Meat pies

Perhaps this dish is not unfamiliar to many people. But it is an indispensable item for Christmas. The cake is like a “bag” inside which minced meat, fruit and sugar, a bit of special spices … The dish is as desired by many people, always happy, full, full like cake this is it.

Salted pork thighs

It’s great to enjoy this dish. The chewy meat, smoked with the smell of smoke, rich in salt, and creamy skin, fascinated many people at the Christmas party. This dish originates from the tradition of the Norwegians, with the main ingredient being wild boar. During the Christmas season, people often eat this type of meat while enjoying the songs dedicated to Christmas.


Soup is a familiar dish every day and of course, can not be absent at Christmas party. Depending on the taste of each family, the cook will choose and prepare the most suitable soup. And why is soup used at Christmas parties?

Then the answer is that it is an attractive appetizer, and it means that the desire for good health as well as success will come to everyone.

Christmas Ball candies

Ball candies are like candies, indispensable in Christmas, only not as famous as its brother. Unlike candy sticks, ball candies have many different flavors, this kind of candy also attracts babies because of its sweet taste and lovely round shape like a bird’s egg.

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