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While Digging corn fields, discovered 2,000 years old “treasure fortress”

Just digging about 1 meter deep under corn fields, archaeologists have found a lavish military base belonging to the jewel city of Viminacium.

According to Acient Origins, the structure is identified as part of the famous Roman city of Viminacium. This structure was built in the 1st century AD, when their empire was occupying the area of ​​present-day Serbia.

As with other parts of the old city unearthed, this military base was built with great strength and luxury. The remaining evidence shows that it was officially put into use from the 2nd to the 5th century AD. There are at least 5,000-6,000 professional soldiers and thousands of people serving other tasks reside here.

This structure was called principium by the Romans, or “Roman legion headquarters”. There were about 100 principium bases built throughout the Roman Empire, most of which are buried under modern cities. The discovery of this cluster of structures under the corn field was unexpected, but a great advantage for digging.

Archaeologist Miomir Korac, the representative of the excavation team, told KFGO that this was the first principium in the world to be completely discovered and undisturbed by time. Currently only a quarter of the site has been unearthed, revealing more than 40 immense rooms, a temple, a treasury and a fountain. In one room, they also found 120 ancient coins, which was a pretty good fortune at that time. It seems that the owner of this money was in a hurry to leave during a disaster or a turmoil.

The entire project is estimated to be 5,300m2 wide and promises to bring back many valuable artifacts because the citizens of the Roman Empire are extremely wealthy. In other parts of the ancient city of Viminacium, archaeologists have found a multitude of works of art, including expensive mosaics, solid gold bricks, 14,000 ornate ancient tombs and … comedy 3 mammoths.

The excavation of this “treasure fortress” as well as the entire ancient city is still ongoing.

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