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App helps Android users review their emotions with HTC phones.

Users can download apps from Google Play to get Clock & Weather widget similar to HTC Sense UI interface days ago.

HTC is one of the famous phone manufacturers in the technology world. Its Android smartphones use HTC Sense UI interface to enhance the user experience.

One of the most impressive features of Sense UI is the Weather & Clock widget. Many people can even recognize HTC’s phone just thanks to this widget.

According to How-To Geek, Weather & Clock widget can now be installed for phones outside HTC thanks to the third app Sense Flip Clock & Weather.

“Sense Flip Clock & Weather” helps Android users find old feelings on HTC phones. Photo: DevianArt.

The utility will function no different from the Sense UI interface years ago. Click on the weather widget of the widget (sun or moon icon) and the local weather page will appear.

There is also another version of the app called Sense V2 Flip Clock & Weather. This is a more modern version but the installation is similar. These two applications make users feel like they are using the HTC Sense UI interface the day before.

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