Huawei created new materials to extend battery life

Last year, Huawei patented a silicon-carbon composite material and the method of its manufacture. They plan to use the material in new types of lithium-ion batteries to extend their life.

According to the patent description, Huawei talks about a super durable composite material, consisting of a core covered with an alkaline layer. The silicon core contains amorphous carbon, while the pore size does not exceed 50 nm.

The patents say that the tiny pore structure of synthetic silicon-carbon materials effectively reduces the contact area between the silicon material and electrolytes, reduces the likelihood of adverse reactions and prolongs age. battery life.

At the same time, the graphite frame can effectively reduce the expansion and contraction according to the volume of the material to improve the structural stability and energy density of composite materials. It’s still unclear, though, how much more efficient these batteries are.

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