Phone runs on unique AA batteries, battery standby 15 years

This is something that no cell phone can do.

The name of this phone is SpareOne Plus with only one AA battery power. This phone was originally born only with the purpose of providing a backup phone for emergency situations.

In addition to its unique AA battery, this phone also stands out thanks to its 15-year standby battery life. There aren’t any such cell phones with lithium batteries. According to calculations with lithium batteries, even if you turn off the device completely, each month the battery can still self-discharge 2% of the battery. Thus, the maximum is only nearly 5 years. Current battery lines are also difficult to replace after a while, while SpareOne is extremely easy, like you replace the watch battery. Of course you also have another option to charge the battery. This feature is of course suitable in the event of storms and widespread power outages. Included with SpareOne Plus is a water resistant packaging.

As a phone used for emergencies, SpareOne also has basic features such as programming favorite / important phone numbers with up to 9 numbers. Since there is no display but the phone can emit the numbers that you have entered. On the phone there is also an emergency button with a + sign that allows sending your location to the authorities.

If you need to talk continuously, the AA battery can last up to 10 hours. For regular calls, you must have a SIM, but for 911, no SIM is required. SpareOne was originally just a basic phone with 2G connectivity. After carriers in the US closed the 2G network, SpareOne launched a 3G version and upgraded the frequency band of the 2G version. The later 3G phone also had a GPS upgrade and for that it needed two AA batteries. The machine also has an LED light for you to use. However, 3G has also turned off in many countries and will most likely turn off before the device runs out of battery.

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