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After outrageous protests, Tesla refunded customers for duplicate fees

Tesla has agreed to refund customers who were charged twice for purchasing a new Tesla car at the end of the first quarter.

CNBC was told by six customers in California and North Carolina that they got their refunds about a week after they filed an initial complaint with Elon Musk’s electric car company.

These customers received their refunds on or before April 1, including payments for overdraft fees that duplicate by Tesla withdrawals are on their accounts.

Tesla also apologized to the affected owners via e-mail and gave them a $ 200 credit to spend on a visit to the company’s online store, according to an email that many guests said. item shared with CNBC. Credits must be used in a single transaction on, cannot be used for Tesla Tequila and will expire January 30, 2022, the email said.

For $ 200 customers can buy smaller items like Tesla-branded apparel or new key fob for the Model 3 or Model Y, but not premium items and car accessories like roof rack or a pack Adapters allow drivers to plug Tesla into any outlet for recharging at home or on the road.

Response of the Customer
According to the National Automated Clearing House Association to CNBC, there are very few cases of duplicate fees on high-priced items purchased with the ACH debit card.
NACHA manages the development and administration of the ACH network.

Since March, three Tesla owners in California have been talking to CNBC about the duplicate fees. They said Tesla needs to improve its sales and customer service.

One customer said, “Although I’m happy that the whole situation has been resolved, I still feel that the response time is too long. Tesla has kept a substantial amount of money and has not responded to it all this time. While they only took five minutes to take that money from our account. “

Slattery, a reimbursed customer, says Tesla’s response was too little, too late. He bought all the accessories he needed and was not in the mood to wear the Tesla logo as an advertisement at the moment, he told CNBC on Tuesday night.

When the overlapping charges, he was going to see the houses, hoping to negotiate the price for a house. Instead, he got nervous and thought of how to file a refund request.

It wasn’t until March 31 that Tesla returned the money to him. It took about a week after Slattery made his first call and went directly to the company’s office Burbank service center to make his request.

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