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Discovery All New Tesla Model 3 – 2022

While we recently introduced you to all of the updates that have been made to the Tesla Model 3 since arrived in 2019, the time has come to take a look at the all-new vintage of the California sedan.

For 2021, the Tesla Model 3 is receiving some novelties, aesthetic but also technical.

So to be completely honest, the aesthetic novelties induced on this new vintage of the zero-emission sedan are really minimal. Thus the outline of the windows, the base of the mirrors, the indicator repeaters, the door sill plate and the door handles are now tinted in matt black. So many details that were chrome until now and are now available on all versions of the Model 3, Standard Range Plus, Long Range and Performance.

In addition, we are discovering new rims, both close to and different from those we have known until now on the model. The 18-inch Aero and 19-inch Sport rims (pictured left) are available on the Standard Range Plus and Long Range versions, while the Model 3 Performance sports beautiful 20-inch √úberturbine rims with nut-style center hubs.

Note that Tesla specifies that the new design of the rims reduces fuel consumption.

In the cockpit either the modifications made to the model year 2021 are not obvious. However, there are double-glazed windows that normally allow the car to be better insulated from external noise.

At the level of the central console and the door buttresses, the elements hitherto in shiny black change to matt black, undoubtedly less sensitive to fingerprints and dust. In the center of the console, a space is now dedicated to smartphones, allowing two to be placed vertically, side by side, and to charge them by induction. It’s pretty well seen.

Note that two USB-C ports appear under the sliding central part. The sun visors are now magnetic, easier to handle and the wheels on the steering wheel are metallic. As for the trunk, it is up to date by opening and closing electrically.

Last novelty, the USB key which is used to record what is happening around the car in Sentinel mode is now plugged into the glove box, which can only be opened via the touch screen. This makes it possible to secure the one that is used to save what is recorded via the Dashcam in the event of any incidents.

Optimized autonomy

Let’s move on to the technique and new features of this Tesla Model 3 version 2021. And for once, they are far from insignificant because the autonomy is increasing on all versions. This is due to both new Panasonic battery cells and the addition of a heat pump to the front of the car. It allows, by using the pre-conditioning and scheduled start features, to reduce or even eliminate the impact of low temperatures on range, by reducing heat loss and the impact of interior heatin.

By comparing a model integrating this new heat pump with a model not integrating it, we could notice that the volume of the front trunk is on the other hand slightly lower, only a few centimeters. No figure is specified by Tesla to quantify this loss.

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