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Tesla – Mercedes: Two extremes in autonomous car technology testing.

If Tesla is willing to let customers test the autonomous technology directly, Mercedes will only allow users to test drive it after it has been approved by the company and the government.

In the battle for autonomous technology, each automaker has different approaches to the development of driver interaction and autonomous technology. There are many different methods of bringing a fully autonomous car to market, of which the two most differ from Tesla and Mercedes.

Tesla is known for providing its customers with cutting-edge technology with Internet updates. This advantage allows Tesla to roll out new technologies at a faster and more convenient rate. Even the pace of development of new technologies is the equivalent of upgrading smartphone generations.

When we compare Tesla’s approach to Mercedes we see a huge difference, like between a brand new, young and daring and a long, cautious automaker.

Tesla will quickly introduce completed features to users, who will help Tesla collect data to help repair and upgrade defects. But at the same time the company also disclaims responsibility for new features that may fail at any time.

In the opposite direction, Mercedes only allows users to use the new autonomous features on test vehicles when they are recognized and approved by the company and the government.

These two approaches both have their advantages and disadvantages. Even though the history of the auto industry has proven innovation carries many risks. However, progress does not always come with risks, especially affecting human lives.

In the auto industry, there’s no doubt about Tesla’s breakthrough. The American electric car company broke the rules of the industry and brought about big change, causing many traditional car manufacturers to work hard to change to keep up with the trend. While Tesla has made a lot of impact on older carmakers, it doesn’t seem to change the way traditional car manufacturers approach new technology.

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