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Watch Tesla Model 3 drives itself over a distance of more than 600 km with almost no driver intervention.

Tesla has significantly perfected the technology of driving. This video is a testament to that.

Tesla has repeatedly shown how good Tesla’s Full Self-Driving (FSD) can be, even though it’s still in Beta testing and there are still issues that need fixing. Recently, Tesla fans have another opportunity to boast when an FSD Model can drive completely from San Francisco to Los Angeles with almost no intervention from the driver in the car. .

Fast-forward video uploaded by the owner of the Tesla Model 3. He went back all the way back and forth all the times that needed intervention on a trip over 600 km. Following the video, we noticed that there were 2 times the driver needed to intervene (except for battery charging stops at Supercharger stations): once when the car was confused without knowing which lane to choose and once the driver helped the car Avoid some obstacles on the way.

The most impressive thing about this video is the fact that the modern electric car seems to be driven by a real driver. If you do not know it is driving on its own, you will most likely think that someone is driving the car as normal. In short, the video of the “Whole Mars Catalog” is sure to impress not only the existing Tesla fans, but also convince some skeptics of FSD self-driving car technology.

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