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2021 Toyota Mirai revealed with appearance like a Lexus.

Toyota has just introduced the first images of the Mirai 2021. This sedan has improved performance compared to its predecessor.

As planned, Toyota will launch the Mirai 2021 next month. However, the new generation Mirai has appeared in America. As a fuel cell (FCV) model, the Mirai 2021 has 3 hydrogen gas tanks, helping the car to travel distances up to 850 km – a 30% improvement over its predecessor.

In addition to increasing travel distance, the Mirai 2021 also gets a power upgrade. The electric motor on this sedan produces 180 hp and 300 Nm of torque. Compared with the Mirai 2020, the electric motor on the new Mirai is 29 hp more powerful. According to Toyota, the Mirai can reach a top speed of 175 km / h.

Similar to the concept version released at the end of 2019, the Mirai 2021 uses rear-wheel drive. This sedan shares platforms from Crown and Lexus LS. With a 50:50 front / rear mass distribution ratio, the Mirai 2021 is predicted for a more enjoyable driving experience.

Toyota USA said the 2021 Mirai will be sold from the end of December with color versions including blue, white, metallic gray, red and black. Preview images show that the Mirai 2021 has at least 2 versions, XLE and Limited.

In terms of design, the Mirai 2021 is no different from the concept launched in 2019. In the second generation, the Mirai looks more like a luxury sedan than an upgrade of the Prius as the first generation. In the front, the Mirai has a large trapezoidal grille that occupies the entire front area. This design is used on newer Toyota cars. Main lighting system and fog lights are designed to be slim. The hood of the Mirai 2021 is shorter than the concept.

Towards luxury, the second-generation Mirai gets rid of the first-generation sports details. The Mirai’s bodywork feels flatter and bigger. The twisted multi-spoke wheels make the car more luxurious.

The rear of the Mirai is divided into many sections with cut lines. The rear light system with the stylized L-shaped motif is quite similar to the Lexus sedans. The Mirai’s hood is tapered off and has a coupe-like look.

Not only the exterior, the interior of the 2021 Toyota Mirai is also transformed compared to the previous generation. An 8-inch digital dashboard, a high-resolution 12.3-inch touchscreen infotainment is the hallmark of the Mirai. In addition, this sedan is also decorated with glossy black borders, copper gold details.

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