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New Roofless Toyota Supra Introducing – 2022

It has a targa body but, for now, it is only a development that will virtually debut at SEMA 2021

There is first information of the Toyota Supra without the roof more than a month ago with a teaser, today the new variant of the Japanese sports car is revealed with the first official images.

Photos showing a targa-type bodywork, with a pair of removable 3D printed composite panels, for when you want to enjoy the wind in your hair aboard the 340hp 6-cylinder.

The Japanese manufacturer claims to have been inspired by the Supra A80 in creating the new targa version, not only for the lack of a fixed roof, but also for the presence of an unprecedented rear wing, already seen last year (again at SEMA) on the special Heritage Edition.

But the changes are not limited to these 2 elements: there are in fact new aerodynamic appendages, additional air intakes, a new extractor without the side but central exhausts and more. There are then of course reinforcements for the body, so as to remedy the lack of a fixed roof, but there is no data relating to the increase in weight.

The result is an even nastier car than the stock Toyota Supra, with black detachable panels giving even more a sense of sportiness to the whole. Too bad, however, that this is only a “simple” tuning.

Looking at the Toyota Supra with targa bodywork, one would almost wonder why the Japanese manufacturer never thought of following in the footsteps of its “cousin” BMW Z4 (with whom the Supra shares mechanics and engine), also offering a version without a roof.

Perhaps, if the public were to appreciate this new development, Toyota could develop a limited edition version, to satisfy a small part of fans. Who knows, maybe tomorrow.

But what everyone is waiting for is more, namely a Supra with manual gearbox, a project that could see the light in 2021, waiting for the even worse GRMN variant.

Source: it.motor1

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