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Toyota is about to launch an all-new electric SUV

Toyota has confirmed that it will reveal an all-new electric SUV, the first to be built on its own electric vehicle platform in partnership with Subaru.

Toyota has released a conceptual image of an SUV, along with some details on the new e-TNGA undercarriage facility developed in cooperation with Subaru.

Accordingly, the new all-electric SUV from Toyota will be the same size as the RAV4, but most likely a long wheelbase, with a shorter nose, designed for sale worldwide and will is produced at Toyota’s ZEV plant in Japan.

Meanwhile, the Japanese manufacturer revealed the e-TNGA platform is designed to be suitable for all types of current drive systems and can accommodate a variety of batteries and electric motors of different sizes and allow for development of various products. The new SUV will be the first of the six EV models to use the new platform.

Toyota’s new electric SUV will be the first of a set of six new electric vehicles to use this new platform. The remaining vehicles will include: a compact crossover, a full-size SUV, a sedan and a multipurpose vehicle (MPV).

The new electric SUV also has a Subaru-branded version, which was introduced in January this year and is said to be named ‘Evoltis’.

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