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WATCH: 2,100 hp Toyota Supra accelerates 0-96 km / h in just 1 second.

It can be said that this is the Toyota Supra with the fastest speed at the moment.

Refreshing with an engine that surpasses the 2,000-hp mark has always been impressive, but things will be even more impressive when it comes from a Toyota 6-cylinder 2JZ inline. Even more, many people will fall in admiration when they know that the number is achieved in a car equipped with a manual transmission.

Specifically, the car we are talking about here is actually a famous machine in the village of Japanese car tuning. It was originally built on a 1994 Toyota Supra with an automatic transmission. It was later transformed into a racing machine with an H manual gearbox.

The owner and driver of the 2,100-hp Supra with this manual transmission is called the Joel Grannas, and in fact this is not the first time Joel has built such a crazy machine. However, this Supra did give Joel several memorable records, with the biggest loss being in November last year when Joel and his car stepped on the drag track, completing a quarter mile in six, 84 seconds at 344 km / h. It was the fastest time recorded for a car equipped with an H manual transmission.

Joel has no intention of stopping there, and says his team plans to cut time even further, the goal being under the 6.8 second mark. This may seem viable, but before it ever comes true, people can take a few minutes to track Joel’s latest drag race with the 2,100 Toyota Supra with the impressive kick-off scene. statue.

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