Bentley introduces new kit for Continental GT and Bentayga

Owners of Continental GT, GT Convertible or Bentayga cars can now refurbish their pet to become sportier and more attractive by ordering genuine Styling Specification kits through authorized dealers. right of Bentley.

Accordingly, this new kit can be applied on models including Continental GT, GT Convertible and SUV Bentayga new or used. In the future, Bentley will also add this kit soon on the new Flying Spur version.
Specifically, the Styling Specification kit will equip the car with front splitter, side skirts and rear diffuser made from high-gloss carbon fiber; The shiny metallic Bentley logo is made using 3D electroplating.
Meanwhile, the accessory package on the Bentayga will be a little different with the 2-plane rear spoiler and the entertainment screens in the rear seats are also made of high-gloss carbon fiber. Other details include the front spoiler, air vents on either side of the body and carbon fiber rearview mirror.
This Styling Specification kit was developed by a technical team who had previously been responsible for designing and manufacturing carbon fiber parts on Continental GT, including GT3-R, Supersports, Pikes Peak and Ice Race.
Besides, the carbon fiber in the Styling Specification kit is also woven in a 2x2 cross pattern in the same direction to ensure consistency. The final product is carbon fiber woven layers, each of which will be guaranteed to have the best durability while maintaining minimum weight.

In general, the design of this Styling Specification kit does not upset any elegant design lines that are available on the Continental or Bentayga. In contrast, choosing a new kit will give the car some highlights that make it feel more premium and modern.

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