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Ford EcoSport 2022 – remove the 1.0L . EcoBoost engine

After this change, Ford EcoSport 2022 in the US market will only have one engine left, which is a 4-cylinder in-line petrol engine, naturally aspirated, with a capacity of 2.0L.

Earlier this month, Ford announced that it would “kill” the EcoSport urban SUV line in the US market after the 2022 version. The reason was because Ford closed its factory in India after doing business at a loss in India.

It is expected that the Ford EcoSport will only continue to be sold in the US market until the middle of next year. During that time, this B-sized SUV will be removed from the familiar 1.0L turbocharged EcoBoost petrol engine.

According to the Ford Authority news site, after this change, the Ford EcoSport 2022 in the US market will only have one engine left, which is a 2.0L, naturally aspirated, 4-cylinder petrol engine. This engine produces a maximum capacity of 166 horsepower and maximum torque of 202 Nm.

If the above information is true, the Ford EcoSport 2022 in the US market will be distributed with standard all-wheel drive. In the old version, the FWD front-wheel drive system only went with the 1.0L EcoBoost engine.

First introduced in the US market in 2018, EcoSport has never been the “golden egg” of the Ford brand. Last year, this B-sized SUV achieved sales of 60,544 units in the US market, slightly down from 67,708 vehicles in 2019. However, in the first 8 months of 2021, sales of this urban SUV model in the US fell 22%.

Automotive market analysts say that the Ford EcoSport is not the right model for the United States. Therefore, the information that this model was “deathed” did not surprise them.

EcoSport is currently the cheapest model of the Ford brand in the US market. After EcoSport is “dead”, the position of Ford’s cheapest car in the US will belong to the new Maverick small pickup truck. Compared to EcoSport, Ford Maverick is clearly much more successful with more than 100,000 US customers registered to buy.

In addition to the US, Ford EcoSport is also discontinued in the Indian market. Meanwhile, in the European market, this model continues to be sold. Ford EcoSport cars for the European market are manufactured at the factory in Craiova, Romania.

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