Rolls-Royce’s Illuminated Spirit Of Ecstasy is banned in Europe

The European Union believes that the Spirit Of Ecstasy emblem glowing on the Rolls-Royce will cause light pollution.
Not only ban, the European Union (EU) also asked Rolls-Royce to remove the Spirit Of Ecstasy emblem that was mounted on previous models.
Rolls-Royce will have to replace the glowing Spirit Of Ecstasy emblem with the usual silver-plated Spirit of Ecstasy emblem in Europe.

However, it is not clear what will happen if the owner does not bring the Rolls-Royce to the dealer to remove the glowing Spirit of Ecstasy logo.

After Rolls-Royce was banned from using this glowing emblem, it is hard to imagine that one day the owner of the luxury car Phantom was blocked by the police on the street just because the Spirit of Ecstasy symbol glowed at the top of the car.

The Spirit of Ecstasy glow is an option priced at no less than USD4,500 , appearing on Rolls-Royce since 2013. It is known that the new rule applies only to the European market. Other markets still use this symbol.

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