Toyota Land Cruiser final upgrade version “exposed” before launch

As the last upgraded version of the current Land Cruiser, the 2021 version has some design and equipment tweaks, promising to contribute to the sales of this SUV in the near future.

Recently, leaked images of the Toyota Land Cruiser 2021 at a seaport in Japan were suddenly released on mass media sites and received great attention from global users. For this new facelift, the Land Cruiser retains its familiar design design after 13 years of being on the market. Of course, Toyota has also tweaked the exterior a bit to give a more fresh look to its legendary SUV.

According to the leaked image, Land Cruiser 2021 will retain the same structure and overall design style as the current version but the details have been redesigned, refreshed like a light fixture with a lamp shade. dark colors, simpler front bumper, increased shiny chrome details …

In addition, the Toyota Land Cruiser 2021 is also equipped with a new set of alloy wheels with a sporty rotor design. In addition, other details will be kept unchanged from the current generation.

Some information that the Toyota Land Cruiser 2021 will be equipped with some new entertainment gadgets such as digital dashboard and bigger screen entertainment, new wireless phone charging area, 360 camera degrees …

In terms of transmission, the Toyota Land Cruiser 2021 is expected to drop the V8 engine and continue to use two engine options, including turbocharged V6 petrol and hybrid engines. Power from these two engine blocks is still common in the range of 400 – 450 horsepower, comes equipped with automatic transmission and 1 or 2-wheel drive system.

Reportedly, the Toyota Land Cruiser 2021 will likely officially launch later this year.

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