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Volkswagen Beetle beaded -Unique Version in the world

The Volkswagen Beetle Vochol is studded with more than 2 million decorative beads and takes 9,000 working hours to complete.

The Volkswagen Beetle Vochol is called a combination of “vocho” – the Mexican word for bugs and “Huichol” – a Mexican indigenous people famous for their beadwork.

The exterior and interior of the car contains 2,277,000 decorative beads, handcrafted by 8 Huichol artists. Finishing the car takes 8 months, with more than 9,000 working hours.

The Volkswagen Beetle Vochol has many details that celebrate the culture of the Huichol people. The image of two snakes lying in the middle of the cloud means the rains, the scene of the mage rowing on the trunk door and the sun on the roof of the car indicates the harmony between humans and gods.

Meanwhile, images of two-headed eagles denote protection for passengers. On the front tire arch there are inscriptions commemorating the Mexican revolution in 1910 and the war for independence from Spain in 1810.

The Volkswagen Beetle Vochol is displayed in a museum in Guadalajra (Mexico), before appearing in exhibitions in Mexico City. Later, this car was taken to many museums in South America, America, Europe, Asia and the Middle East.

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