AirYacht – Flying yacht of the future, combining hot air balloon and superyacht

With the desire to reinvent air travel and provide a new yachting experience, a new aircraft/ship hybrid vehicle was born. It’s called AirYacht, and it can function as a yacht, a balloon, or both. It is described by the designers as the flying yacht of the future, and is also environmentally responsible.

AirYacht is a brainchild of Guillaume Hodde (founder of Swiss-based AirYacht SA) and yacht designer Franck Darnet from the French studio Darnet Design. This innovative concept consists of two distinct parts: a 200 meter long airship and a 60 meter long superyacht module (dwelling) mounted below. Thanks to the combination of the two, the AirYacht becomes a versatile vehicle that can both fly in the air and cruise the ocean.

With a total length of 20 meters and a height of 50 meters, the helium-filled aircraft can reach speeds of 50 knots (92.5 km/h) and altitudes up to 3,000 meters. The two parts of the AirYacht are connected by a lift system so that it doesn’t have to land every time a passenger gets off the train.

The 60-meter superyacht cum residence offers 750 square meters of living space. AirYacht has three floors in all, providing accommodation for up to 12 passengers in 5 or 6 cabins, as well as for a crew of 12. It will also have reserved seats for the group of three pilots responsible for the flight.

As for the facilities equipped on AirYacht, guests will be able to enjoy the 350 square meter outdoor space with terrace, swimming pool, jacuzzi, gym. AirYacht will also have a helipad and a car garage.

While it may sound like a far-fetched idea for an unlikely future, AirYacht SA has already received an order for four such aircraft. and delivery is expected in 2026.

We will have to wait until at least 2026 before we know if the AirYacht is actually in production.

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