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1937 Bugatti Type 57S can cost over $ 6.7 million

In February 2021, an auction will take place for a antique car with the price of more than 6.7 million USD. It is the Bugatti Type 57S antique car

Specifically, the Bugatti Type 57S is a car produced by the French automaker limited to 42 units in the 30s of the last century. Along with the Type 35 and Type 57C Atlantic, the Type 57S is one of Bugatti’s iconic lines of the golden 1930s with Grand Prix victories.

In fact, most antique Bugatti cars are now owned or are displayed in museums. With its historical values ​​and rarity, the fact that a 1937 Bugatti Type 57S is about to be auctioned has attracted a lot of attention for classic car enthusiasts in general and French car brands in particular.

Historically, this antique car model has just appeared again after more than 50 years “in hiding”. In 1969, engineer Bill Turnbull bought the 1937 Bugatti Type 57S, but the restoration was not completed at the time of his death. This work is expected to be continued by the new owner of the Type 57S and completed as expected by Turnbull.

As of now, the Status of the Type 57S is well preserved. Black paint on the exterior and decorative chrome details retain the shine. Besides, the point that makes this Bugatti special is the chassis used in conjunction with the Bugatti Works Type 57G Tank race car that won the Grand Prix 1936 award.

The interior of the car is also well preserved with a wooden steering wheel and dashboard. Revamped speed and rpm indicators.

Light cream leather seats. However, the leather upholstery on both sides of the door and the side of the car is heavily damaged and needs to be restored.

In terms of engine power, the Bugatti Type 57S uses a 3.3L I8 engine for a capacity of 175 horsepower. If the supercharger is added, this engine can reach 200 horsepower and help the Type 57S reach a speed of about 190 km / h.

As planned, the auction of the Bugatti Type 57S will take place in February next in London, UK. Estimated earnings can range from $ 6.7 million to $ 9.4 million, significantly more expensive than a Bugatti Chiron priced from $ 3 million.

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