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2022 Hyundai Casper was criticized for being expensive, the company spoke up and explained

The representative of the company said that the Hyundai Casper 2022 is a “you get what you pay for” model, the price is high, but it is equipped with many safety features right from the standard version.

On September 29, 2021, Hyundai officially sold the all-new A-class SUV Casper to the Korean market. This model is considered as Hyundai Grand i10 SUV version with a starting price of 13.85 million Won. Meanwhile, the most advanced version of the car costs 18.7 million Won.

After the price of the Hyundai Casper 2022 is annouced, many consumers in Korea have criticized this model as expensive. On social networks, Korean consumers have left comments about the price of Hyundai Casper 2022 as follows:

  • Why did I hear that the starting price is only 8 million Won?
  • Vehicle production costs are halved while the selling price remains the same.
  • Although this is an SUV, it is small, but it costs nearly 20 million Won.

    After reading these comments, a representative of Hyundai gave an explanation. The reason why Hyundai Casper 2022 has such a starting price is because it is well equipped right from the standard version.

“Although the Casper is a small SUV, it is equipped with standard safety features such as collision avoidance assist (with other vehicles/pedestrians/cyclists), lane departure assist and lane departure assist. . Hyundai explained.

Airbag between the front seats is a feature that first appeared on the new generation Kia Sorento. Meanwhile, larger SUV models Hyundai Casper 2022 such as Venue and Kona also have only 6 airbags. If Hyundai does not bring the above features to Casper 2022 and sell it at a cheap price, consumers may criticize the poorly equipped car.

For example, the Chevrolet Spark – a model that is considered a direct competitor of the Hyundai Casper 2022 in the Korean market – only has a lane departure warning system in the low version. Meanwhile, the lane-departure warning system and forward collision avoidance support for the most advanced version, priced at 14.48 million Won. Similarly, Kia Morning Signature is equipped with the same equipment as the standard Hyundai Casper 2022, currently priced at 15.2 million Won..

Hyundai Casper 2022 is considered to be aimed at customers who want to own a beautiful small car, with a unique design, more safety and comfort equipment than a simple small car. That’s why this model has the appropriate equipment and price.

Despite being criticized as expensive, Hyundai Casper 2022 still has a record number of customers on the first day of opening a deposit in Korea. Accordingly, on the first day of opening the deposit, Hyundai received a total of 18,940 orders for this model. Among those who ordered the Hyundai Casper 2022, there was also South Korean President Moon Jae-in.

As reported, Hyundai Casper 2022 is an A-class SUV model developed on the basis of the K1 platform shared with the Hyundai Grand i10. The car has a rather small size, including a length of 3,595 mm, a width of 1,595 mm, a height of 1,575 mm and a wheelbase of 2,400 mm.

With its small size, the Hyundai Casper 2022 is only equipped with a 4-seater interior. In return, the rear seat of the car can be moved forward or backward in a distance of 160 mm and reclined 39 degrees. The luggage compartment of the car has a volume of 301 liters if the rear seats are moved forward. When the two right seats fold down, users can carry items 2,059 mm long.

In particular, all 4 seats inside this model can be folded flat. The Hyundai Casper 2022 is the world’s first car that can fold the driver’s seat.

In addition, this A-class SUV model also has a number of other comfortable equipment such as an infotainment system with the new Hyundai CarPay cashless payment feature, a voice command feature that allows the driver to adjust without the use of hands and a digital dashboard.

In the Korean market, Hyundai Casper 2022 currently has 2 options of 3-cylinder gasoline engines. The first is a naturally aspirated engine, 1.0L capacity. produces a maximum capacity of 75 horsepower and maximum torque of 95 Nm. The average fuel consumption of this engine is 14.3 km / liter (about 6.99 liters / 100 km)

The second is a turbocharged 1.0L engine with a maximum capacity of 99 horsepower and maximum torque of 172 Nm. The average fuel consumption of this engine is 12.8 km / liter (about 7.8 liters / 100 km).

Both engines are paired with front-wheel drive and a 4-speed automatic transmission. In particular, the turbocharged engine is only available for the Active version.

It is expected that, after Korea, Hyundai Casper 2022 will be sold in some other markets around the world such as India.

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