Abusing Autopilot mode, the driver posted a sleeping clip on the Tesla Model 3

Tesla’s Autopilot system works really well, so it makes some drivers subjective. In fact, Tesla requires the driver to always pay attention when autopilot is on.

Some owners misuse the system and post their stunts on social media online. Recently, a video posted on Youtube showed a young man pretending to sleep in the driver’s seat while walking on a highway with a Tesla Model 3 with Autopilot enabled.

A specific video posted to TikTok last November, just reappearing, shows a young man pretending to sleep both in the driver’s seat and behind his white Model 3 as he drives down the high street. Autopilot enabled.

Johnathon Cox, who appeared in the video posted behind-the-scenes footage of him driving on Youtube. Accordingly, he placed a weighted counterweight on the car’s steering wheel to trick the autopilot system that someone was always holding the steering wheel and then he leaned back in his seat and pretended to sleep. Next, he moved to the back seat of the car and slept. Meanwhile, this mother sat in the passenger seat and filmed.

Tesla requires users of its Autopilot system to always hold the steering wheel at all times and observe the road. Not only is Cox wrong to not follow safety rules, but also shows that he violates many traffic laws in the US.

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