Lexus UX with a body covered with thousands of confetti

This is probably the most “fragile” Lexus UX in the world.

As part of an internal competition involving artists from across Spain, Lexus announced Valencia’s Clap Studio’s “Zen Garden” as the winner of the inaugural UX Art Car design competition. two.

Created in the courtyard of Club Alma in Madrid by artists Jordi Iranzo and Angela Montagud over the course of a month, the car is inspired by a traditional Japanese garden and features thousands of bougainvillea petals.

“We used paper, an important element in Japanese culture, to cover the exterior of the car in the form of Lexus vegetation,” said Montagud. “Light is another essential element in Japanese art and design, and here it turns the Lexus UX into a living thing. Depending on the position, tone and intensity of the light, it creates textures and colors that change throughout the day.”

The unique art car will soon be showcased in an exclusive media event, organized by the Spanish branch of the Japanese car manufacturer. In the meantime, though, you can get a closer look at it in the official photos here.

Also, if you’re wondering which Lexus UX version this is, the answer is the UX 250h, which has a hybrid powertrain. It combines a 2.0-liter four-cylinder engine with one or two electric motors in two- or four-wheel drive versions for a total of 181 HP regardless of configuration.

In the US market, the Lexus UX 2021 has a recommended retail price of $ 32,900, while the UX Hybrid 2021 starts at $ 35,100.

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