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All New Bugatti Baby II Introducing – debuted in the US – 2022

As the miniature of the legendary Type 35 car, Bugatti Baby II was produced only 500 units worldwide.

Only a few Bugatti Baby II are sold in the US market with the highest price of more than 70,000 USD. This car is a collaboration between Bugatti and The Little Car Company based in the UK.

The base version of the Bugatti Baby II is priced from $ 46,600 with the French Racing Blue exterior paint and leather interior. The two higher versions Vitesse and Pur Sang are priced from $ 53,000 and $ 71,400 respectively.

Vitesse and Pur Sang versions are painted similar to classic Bugatti models. In addition, there is an optional exterior color similar to the Chiron supercar. Pur Sang’s frame is made of aluminum and is handcrafted.

Targeting different customer groups, Bugatti Baby II is developed on an electric platform, rear-wheel drive, and battery options.

With the highest configuration, Bugatti Baby II can reach travel distance of up to 50 km in electric mode with a maximum speed of 68 km / h.

Very few people can own the Bugatti Baby II. To own this model, the buyer must be a member of the Bugatti Owner’s Club or The Little Car Club.

Bugatti Baby II will appear at the Newport Beach event and be present at the Bugatti showrooms in Beverly Hills next month.

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