All New Honda Cross Cub 110 special color version Introducing, limited to only 2,000 cars – 2022

The 2022 Honda Cross Cub 110 small-scale multi-terrain vehicle was officially launched with a special color version limited to 2,000 units.

Honda Cross Cub 110 – a compact digital car capable of multi-terrain operation in an attractive way has just been officially launched by the Japanese automaker. Accordingly, Cross Cub 110 2021 will be added a special color version, with a production quantity of only 2,000 units worldwide.

The new color on the Honda Cross Cub 110 2021 will be called “Puco Blue”, a cool and gentle blue on a “war” model capable of multi-terrain operation. According to shared information, this limited edition model will be sold for 341,000 yen in Japan, equivalent to about 71.7 million dong. In addition to the limited edition mentioned above, Honda also launched for the 2021 version unlimited white, yellow, green and black red.

The car has a rather unique design, which somewhat reminds us of the Honda Duck aka ST with its low-lying headlights and quite dusty style. While the 50cc version uses small 14-inch rims, the Cross Cub 110 elder is equipped with a larger 17-inch spoked rim.

In addition to the different design, the Honda Cross Cub 110 2021 has no changes in the engine. The 110cc Cross Cub owns a 110cc single cylinder engine with a capacity of 8 horsepower and maximum torque of 8.5 Nm.

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